Batman digital art collection sells for more than 500 Ether

A collection of animations and PNG files depicting the Dark Knight, created by Jose Delbo and Trevor Jones, sold for more than USD 202,000 (or 500 Ether) at current Ether prices.

The item that sold for the highest price is Genesis, an animation of a Batman sketch and picture, it sold for an astonishing USD 113,000 for a digital art piece.

Non Fungible Tokens or NFTs are unique, as opposed to a regular crypto like Bitcoin. Being unique they are being used to verify ownership of collectibles or digital art.

In that regard, you might show your art online, as with the aforementioned Genesis piece, and there is only one owner, as proved by the NFT.

According to data from NonFungible more than USD 131 million have been sold, the trend is definitely growing and NFTs are making the digital art market a reality.

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