Survey finds only 7% of americans have used bitcoin

According to recent survey data published by Statista only 7% of americans have used or owned a cryptocurrency, which is a clear sign that adoption has a lot of room to grow and will drive price to new highs.

Dan Tapiero, co founder of 10T Holdings, thinks it is very early:

It's still so early for Bitcoin. Still at the birth of a new global asset class.

Dan Tapiero
Fuente: Statista

Bitcoin has established itself as a great store of value, and some companies have made a stand by moving their cash into the biggest cryptocurrency by market cap.

In recent weeks, MicroStrategy, Stone Ridge and Square have confirmed purchases in excess of USD 500 million in bitcoin, to protect their cash from inflation and the decisions of a few.

Take into account, however, that Statista's data shows a small list of countries, as Tapiero points out:

It's a survey of select countries. It's not a straight top to bottom survey. IE there are countries that belong on this list that are not listed.

Dan Tapiero

The data does confirm what crypto enthusiasts have said for years, adoption is still very low and it is still early to invest in cryptocurrencies.

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